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Whether you’re on a budget, saving money, or just uninspired with your current décor, the best way to reimagine a space or room in your home is to “shop your home.” Shop your home can mean a couple of different things. It could mean you have some items in storage that you tossed away into a closet, thinking you would reuse it, sell it or give it away at some point. It could also mean you have a spot that needs a change up for the season, or just because it feels good and it’s fun to do a little refresh! Another bonus, it helps our environment anytime we can repurpose and reuse items before considering a new purchase!

Let’s start by perusing our storage areas, attics, closets. Look for things you have on hand before you make a purchase. I try to do this before heading out, particularly for vintage items. I have a habit of buying the same things; always check to be sure you used the last thing you purchased. Gallery wall art falls into this category for me! I may be guilty of over-purchasing vases too.

Next, for a quick changeup or refresh, I’ll look to see what furniture I can steal from one area to move out to another, moving a chair or a small table to give a nook or corner an update without too much effort. I do this with small decorative accessories in places like bookshelves, countertops, and tables. Tip: I’ll grab seven or eight items and put them on my kitchen counter or dining room table to give me space to play around with height, scale, and colors. This is like creating a canvas with all my things before settling the items into their final resting place.

This same concept works well for art and mirrors. I’ll measure the area first to see if I can add or edit a piece and keep holes to a minimum. I try to move things where a hanger already exists. This is not always possible, but I try! Mirrors can also be moved; sometimes mirrors are tricky depending on where you place them and what is reflected, so it’s good to test this one out.

You know I am a fan of moving area rugs. I think this trick gives you the biggest bang for your zero-dollar buck. Rugs have so much color and texture once you move one from one room to another, it’s almost as transformative as paint. It can really change the look of a room in an instant.

Shopping for your home can inspire you and save you money. But it can also help you with organization and clutter. I also find it helpful with deep cleaning too. Nooks, shelves, and wherever our things are, it helps to clear them and away to give the area a good dusting and wipe down before placing any new items.

I’ve always enjoyed and got so much satisfaction when “shopping my home.” I hope these ideas inspire you to do the same!

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