The Holiday Farmhouse Tour

Come along with me as I share my love of decking the farmhouse halls, walls, and rooms with lots of festive holiday cheer and little touches, here and there, to capture the spirit of the season.

Let’s start in what I like to call our casual, formal living room.  I was drawn to lots of red this year and wanted to be sure to capture that as my primary color. Keeping things simple, I adorned the fireplace with faux garland and fairy lights.  Brass candlesticks are classics, and they are always on my list when I head out to vintage and antique hunt; I incorporated them on the mantle this year but with a twist by adding the black iron to mix it up.

Keeping the hallway simple and uncluttered was important for many reasons. We expect family, friends, and Airbnb guests to be visiting before all the décor is put away, and maintaining clear spaces that were both festive and unobtrusive was my goal in this busy hallway.  By wrapping the garland on the bottom of the posts, it keeps the top of the banister free and clear for safely getting upstairs.  I also think it looks appropriate for the age of the home. I have fallen in love with these beautiful old-fashioned candle-style lights; they put off a lovely warm glow to greet you as you enter.

I added lots of touches here and there to the kitchen, and I highly recommend it. Most of us spend quite a bit of time in this part of our homes, so why not bring some holiday charm into a well-used area? It’s fun, festive and I love turning on my little tree with the candle-style lights and my collection of birds before I start preparing dinner.  The wooden shelves get a cheery update and my plate rack.  I bring out all my winter and holiday plates, and we start using them right after Thanksgiving.  We use them for everyday meals too! Don’t wait to use the good stuff.  Enjoy it and make the small, every day more joyful.

I hope you enjoyed part one of the tour. Stay tuned for part two!

I hope you are enjoying the start of this holiday season!

Merry, Merry

“Remembrance, like a candle, burns brightest at Christmastime.” — Charles Dickens

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