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We have this lovely small room in the farmhouse that connects two hallways and our tiny bedroom. I immediately knew this would be a great space for just me, mostly because I needed more storage, and the bed takes up so much space; we only have room for one dresser in our bedroom. As expected, the closets are small, and this room acts as an extension to the minor closet dilemma.

I’ve always wanted a fancy dressing room; my aunt had a massive walk-in closet, she was a realtor and was always well dressed, and I loved her beautiful wardrobe, which was just as fancy as her dressing room.

I don’t have the budget for expensive or custom built-ins. I also want to keep the room’s aesthetic similar to the rest of the house, and it connects multiple areas, so I have to consider the flow and layout of the furniture. Because this space is all mine, I have the freedom to make it a bit more feminine and fun, staying within my house’s design style, keeping the old charm, adding in florals, my antique pieces, and found treasures to complete the look. And just when I thought I had all the materials put together, I found an additional item to add a little whimsy to finish off the room. All on a budget!

Some tips to help you create a little dedicated space of your own:

  1. A corner, a closet, or a room will do. Find that space for you.
  2. Define the space clearly, no doors or walls? Add a folding divider, paint a section of the wall or add removable wallpaper to focus on that area specifically.
  3. Consider the primary purpose, storing clothes might need a rack and baskets; for a work area, you’ll likely need a desk, and for relaxing and reading, a comfortable chair and a lamp. Add a little table to set your coffee and book!
  4. Make the space all yours, no matter the size. Do this by using your favorite colors, materials, and patterns. Paint is magical, and a small square of paint or stripes to define the space works well. Removable wallpaper is very budget-friendly. Flea and vintage markets offer even more opportunities to add your unique flair!
  5. Look around the house, or as I like to do, “shop my rooms.” I survey around and figure out what I can take from one space to another to create my vision without breaking the bank. I do this all the time, and boy does it save me money which allows me to spend my budget on fun things! Like pictures of cows sitting on velvet couches!

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