Back to blogging and more projects!

It has been forever and forever since getting back to writing and sharing. I’ve struggled with the idea of keeping this website alive. But, feeling encouraged, I’ve decided to continue and pick up from where I left off. The goal was to always share my love of this old house, my interior design ideas and a landing spot for other projects on the horizon. Which, by the way are always spinning webs in my head!

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the website to better match what I’ve been doing on social media. We are now officially, Farmhouse New England, everywhere….at least everywhere I find time to post, which is really only FB, Instagram and right here.

I have lots of ideas for the coming months and year. I spend most of my time on Instagram, where I can quickly share life, farmhouse and farm baby updates and any projects I’m working on. I’ve met so many incredible people through social media and I am really looking forward to what is ahead.

My first project, as we enter the transition from summer to fall will be my dressing room/sitting area. I always start with this room because I need to change out my lightweight summer clothes to sweaters! I’m very lucky to have a space dedicated for just me! A place just for my personal things which gives Anthony the space he needs without inundating him with my hair products, shoes and jewelry. I also like having all my things organized together, of course keeping it all organized is the perennial challenge, but I do my best!

Stay tuned for my project updates, as mentioned starting with my dressing room and various fall transitions around the farmhouse.

Thanks for stopping by!


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