A welcome to the farmhouse

Winter scene at the farmhouse

When we purchased our farmhouse, we knew it would be a perfect place to call home and where we wanted to spend our lives.  Even more so, it provided us with a unique property to share with our friends and family.  At the time we were making this move, our last two were getting ready to graduate college. At this stage of life, most empty nesters think of downsizing, but not us!

Having plenty of room for guests to spend time with us was essential.    The key to their stay was a restful night’s sleep, which meant enough rooms to accommodate many. Plus, a large dining area to enjoy a delicious meal with us was also necessary.  For me, cooking a delicious meal and creating an experience around the dining atmosphere for family and friends is my love language.   We needed a comfortable and cozy space to enjoy one of my husband’s signature cocktails or that morning cup of hot coffee with a sweet treat. Last but not least, ample outdoor space to take in the sweeping mountain views was crucial.   With four kids, extended family, and all our friends near and far, we wanted a place to have fun, spend time outdoors, and make new memories with those we love.

Here are a few tips and products I count on to create a memorable and comfortable stay for guests at the farmhouse.

-We all wash the bedding before guests arrive, but I up my game with luxurious laundry detergent.  If you’re not familiar with Glamourous Wash, go get some! It is a bit pricey, but you don’t need much—about 1/3 cup for each load.  And I only use it for bedding and towels, and my favorite scent is Diva, obviously! It will make your laundered items smell incredible, and the scent lingers for days.

You can grab this on http://www.amazon.com.      

-Place a beautiful seasonal scented candle in a glass jar in the bedrooms and bathrooms. You should know by now just how much I love candles.  Thymes brand fragrances are not only incredible scents, but the candle jars are equally beautiful.  Their Frasier Fir is my top pick for fall and winter.  Just setting the candle in the room gives a lovely scent, especially to a smaller space.

-Water bottles on the nightstands are always handy, which keeps your guests hydrated without having to wander the house for a sip of water in the middle of the night.  I’ll take the label off the bottle just to give it a more personal look too.

-Cocktail hour is essential, and we always stock our bar; of all the things we do to prepare, this is really important.  On the first day our guests arrive, we look forward to sitting around and catching up on all the things everyone has going on in their lives.  Add a lovely charcuterie board to the mix, and we will gather for hours catching up with one another.  We are often surprised at how few people make a cocktail hour a regular routine… call us “Old Fashion”, but we look forward to this time, and our guests appreciate it! -A fresh pot of coffee and a locally made sweet breakfast treat are ready for guests when they awake.  It’s more meaningful to find items in your local area to share with your guest, so see what you can add to your morning table that you can source from local small businesses.   We’re lucky to live near the famous Polly’s Pancake Parlor. I always buy their pancake mix for breakfast and locally made bacon and, of course, maple syrup.  You can shop all the Polly goodies here at www.pollyspancakeparlor.com.

I hope you’ve found some useful tips and ideas you can use the next time you are preparing to welcome guests into your home. I’d love to hear from you! Let me know how you welcome guests.


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