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Like many of you, life shifted pretty quickly into a new way of working last March. Running around Boston for meetings, sitting in traffic, a lot of traffic, and generally doing what we all do, working and keeping up with our calendars. And then COVID hit, and it all changed on a dime. The transition to working from home in the early days was a challenge, something you can likely relate to. I do not have children at home. Therefore some things were a little easier to accomplish simply because I don’t have school-age children. 

Having said that, it was still a significant change for me, my schedule, and my family. The early days had me working, baking, eating, sleeping….pretty much in that order! After a few weeks of following that routine, it started to impact my health. In May, I made some much-needed changes. Besides health and wellness, like eating better, going to bed earlier, exercising, and defining my work time vs. home time, I also decided to change my workspace. 

And since I am all about home decor and making beautiful spaces, working on my office and creating daily rituals to enhance my routine has been essential in improving work-life balance. Not only has it helped my focus at work, but it also has had a positive impact on overall self-care, like a daily walk and getting to bed a little earlier every night. Below, I’ve listed five great tips that I hope you can use to create an inspiring work from home space that you love.

  • Find your dedicated space-no matter the size of your home, carve out an area (office, closet, room) where you can keep all of your work items together.  ProTip-put all of your essentials in a basket so you can grab and go if you need to regularly relocate elsewhere in your home. 
  • Decorate your area-If you have an area you can turn into a home office, now is the time to make it yours, and remember, a gallon of paint is your best friend. There has never been a better time than now to do the thing you’ve wanted with that room in your home that has been on your to-do list!
  • Add greenery-I know this sounds so simple, but adding a few plants to an area brings life and color, and grocery store plants are always a great bargain. No green thumb? Lots of faux greenery is popular now; check out Amazon for all kinds of ideas. 
  • Candles-I will probably mention candles in every single post. But really, candles. I light a candle at the start of each workday. It is a small ritual that helps me start the day on a positive note. I get most of my candles at TJ Maxx or Homegoods. They always have great candles for the best prices.
  • Make your space you-And by you; I mean, incorporate things you love. Make it pretty. If you like florals, get floral file holders and a bold mouse pad. Like stripes? Buy a cute notebook, calendar, or organizer. These are little things you can do that don’t cost a lot of money but help create a delightful work area.  

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