Hi, my name is Amanda and I love old houses and decorating. If I could spend everyday antiquing, thats what I’d do! (in Paris preferably, too)

I live in an old farmhouse in Northern New England built in 1830. There is something magical and romantic about living in a home built in an entirely different time period, never mind another century.

Spending time putting my home together is one of my favorite things to do, and a big part of honoring this old house is by filling it with pre-loved treasures. I also really just like the look of old art, antique glassware and vintage fabrics. More will be shared in upcoming blog posts on what I look for and tips you can use and how to put it together in your home when looking for older pieces to incorporate.

Things I look forward to sharing with you:

  • Tips, Ideas and DIY…I am all about doing as much as I can on a budget and hiring for the complicated (electrical wiring, no thanks!).
  • Home decor ideas, repurposing, styling and organization (I’m not perfect, but I try to bring order within my spaces).
  • Please comment and share what content and ideas you need help with or would like more information on.

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