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A Well-loved home

I get asked quite a bit about how I put my home together, decorate, source decor items, and mostly where I pull inspiration.  When I start putting a room together, my mind first goes to how I want this room to feel.  It’s all about the emotion of the space for me, and I think… Continue reading A Well-loved home

The Comfort of Home

I’ll never forget a couple of conversations I had about five years ago when we first moved to the farmhouse. In the first encounter,  I was chatting with an older woman born and raised here and never left the region.  She said to me after I gave her a very cheerful and brief overview of… Continue reading The Comfort of Home

The Art of Hospitality

What does hospitality mean to you? I know what it means to me!  My definition mirrors the webster dictionary version, which is “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.  This definition resonates with me on so many levels. I’ve always known this to be true about myself, but it became… Continue reading The Art of Hospitality

Falling into a New Season

I love when the seasons change and for lots of reasons. It provides an opportunity for planning because I do love a good plan.  But what I enjoy about it most is what it does for the senses, the temperature, the lighting at the beginning and end of each day, the tastes of the foods… Continue reading Falling into a New Season

Finding Space

We have this lovely small room in the farmhouse that connects two hallways and our tiny bedroom. I immediately knew this would be a great space for just me, mostly because I needed more storage, and the bed takes up so much space; we only have room for one dresser in our bedroom. As expected,… Continue reading Finding Space

The Barn

We have the most beautiful barn here at the farmhouse with sweeping views of the White Mountains. A barn that we enjoy in all four seasons, well, five if you count muddy season in this part of the country! Our barn has three primary functions. It provides storage for our tractor and yard equipment, an… Continue reading The Barn

An Inspired Home Office

Like many of you, life shifted pretty quickly into a new way of working last March. Running around Boston for meetings, sitting in traffic, a lot of traffic, and generally doing what we all do, working and keeping up with our calendars. And then COVID hit, and it all changed on a dime. The transition… Continue reading An Inspired Home Office

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